In recent years, IT consulting, and Outsourcing have evolved to a new, challenging high, breaking
all conventional boundaries. And while these two worlds have consistently risen, Rayonsoft has come
a long way to match this meteoric rise.

Today business is driven by rapidly changing technology and improved infrastructure that makes it difficult
to see through the future and to decide which technology is right for the business. At Rayonsoft our experienced
team helps the clients to design the technology model that best suites for their business model. Our highly skilled
technology group transforms the technology model into a most effective business solution targeted for revenue growth,
productivity improvement, cost reduction, and improved information flow.


Business Analysis group at Rayonsoft has expertise in understanding the business process and requirements and converting it to a software model that can solve business problems. This phase try to understand the client's business needs to provide them a high-level solution portrayal and helping them understand exactly how this would benefit their business. This group prepares Software Requirement Specification (SRS)document that is first used by the software engineers/ architects who are responsible for using this as their basis for the design of the system. Secondly, this document is intended to help Quality Assurance personnel to start thinking about how to best prepare their test plans.


The experienced System Architecture and Development group at Rayonsoft has expertise with various cutting-edge technologies and domains to design a system that is robust, flexible, secure, and easy to configure. This involves various UML methodology activities including the preparation of high-level object models, sequence diagrams, collaboration diagram, and data models. The end goal is to come up with a software architecture that can break the entire system into well-defined subsystems. Once an architectural design is finalized, work is then distributed to all the different team members who are responsible for making sure their subsystems are well designed internally and implemented with the best programming practices.


"Quality is not an absolute; it is a comparison of the state and behavior of the product against a specification"

Testing is a very crucial phase of any successful project and QA group at Rayonsoft is very effective and tries to test the system as if it is being used by the end-users. This testing and bug-fixing is again an iterative process and all the information generated during this phase is controlled by a bug tracking system. Our testers are expert in both automated and manual testing using various testing tools.


"We don’t just develop software solutions; we support them throughout their life cycle"

Whether it is performance improvement, bug fixing, or incorporating new features to the application, our expert team work closely with the client to support the application in production. We support the production release cycle for frequent bug fixing builds for the application maintenance and larger functional builds to support the future enhancements for improved customer experience.

We provide hight quality consulting services for post deployment development and maintenance activities:

  • Production Support
  • Bug Fixing
  • Incorporating Enhancements
  • Upgrading Applications
  • Performance Optimization
  • Enterprise Portal & Content Management
  • Porting, Migration, and Conversion
  • Documentation, and Learning Material

We provide reliable and professional services to our clients from start to end. Our flexible and easy to configure solutions bring down the maintenance cost. Learn More...