With the globalization of business and information flow every business has access to the
low cost resources. Rayonsoft has an offshore development center in Pune, a growing IT hub
of India, with best brains equipped with latest technologies working for the company on various
global projects. We provide all the infrastructure and resources to our clients to virtually have
their own offshore development center at Rayonsoft. We help our clients to build their own team from
a large pool of highly skilled IT professionals at very low cost.

Onsite/Offshore (Hybrid) Delivery Model
In Onsite/Offshore (Hybrid) Delivery Model, the outsourcing work is distributed between the service provider’s onsite center and the offshore development center & thereby the client gets the advantage of both types of outsourcing models. It is one of the most successful and popular outsourcing models employed today by many companies. The distribution of work depends on the type of project. Usually 20-30% of the work is done by the onsite center and the rest is done by the offshore development center.

Generally, the tasks accomplished at the onsite center include:

  • Gathering initial information about the project through direct interaction with the client.
  • Understanding the requirements/specifications clearly.
  • Planning and initial designing as to how the project will go about.
  • Interact directly with the clients to accommodate any changes, if there are any, so as to minimize/eliminate last minute changes.
  • Execution/Implementation of the project in accordance with client’s expectations and making sure that the client is fully satisfied with the end results.
  • Dealing with the client and managing partnership.

Tasks accomplished at the offshore development center include:

  • Understand the specifications and come up with a detailed design.
  • Responsible for the progress of the project.
  • Ensuring that the outcome matches to the specifications given by the client.
  • Crucial and continuous support to the onsite center.

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