In recent years, IT consulting, and Outsourcing have evolved to a new, challenging high, breaking
all conventional boundaries. And while these two worlds have consistently risen, Rayonsoft has come
a long way to match this meteoric rise. At Rayonsoft, we provide reliable and cutting-edge services
end-to-end. We don’t just strive for customer satisfaction but we target delight. Rayonsoft delivers
innovative, multi-domain solutions, and offers a full range of IT services, including IT consulting,
Strategic team building, and Outsourcing Service that’s not less than the client’s extended arm. This
helps customers achieve their vision and keep pace with the rapidly changing market trends.

Rayonsoft provides software end-to-end services for the complete project life cycle from development to
deployment and after deployment maintenance. Our services help in managing various milestones during the
project life cycle from Software Architecture, Development & Integration, QA & Testing to Porting /Migration
and Maintenance.

With offshore development centers in India and proven services help software companies to focus on their
core competence with improved productivity creating quality applications at lower cost. We work with the
clients through technology and business changes that add to their competitive advantage.

Delivering applications in time, within budget and deploying reliable, dependable software product needs
a combination of quality processes, skills & expertise on variety of platforms and that is what we focus
at Rayonsoft.

After Deployment Services

Software services group at Rayonsoft focuses on following after deployment Application Maintenance Services:

  • Production Support
  • Bug Fixing
  • Incorporating Enhancements
  • Upgrading Applications
  • Performance Optimization
  • Porting, Migration, and Conversion
  • Documentation, and Learning Material

We provide reliable and professional services to our clients from start to end. Our flexible and easy to configure solutions bring down the maintenance cost. Learn More...