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Achieving seamless integration is not all that easy as it appears, as it involves integration of
heterogeneous systems encompassing internal home grown applications, legacy systems, CRM applications,
ERP applications, external business processes and systems. Challenge lies in overcoming the technological complexities, desperate business process.

Rayonsoft recognized and developed the expertise required to implement business integration solutions using EAI technology, based on work experience with large clients across industry domains and geographies.

Rayonsoft expertise in the Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) space includes specialized skill sets on middleware products like MQSeries, Seebeyond, Tibco, webMethods, WebSphere, Weblogic, Cordys, Vitria and BizTalk.

Rayonsoft service offering in Enterprise Application Integration provides the following:

  • Reduces system/IT total cost of ownership
  • Maximizes investments in existing systems
  • Implements business change in underlying information technology systems
  • Provides global enterprise visibility of information and business processes
  • Extends supply chain visibility

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