SOA has emerged as a crucial enabler in the field of on-demand IT and business
computing for enterprises. SOA is widely considered as the most effective way of
overcoming IT complexities involved in businesses that require their IT systems to be
flexible and adaptive enough to address ever-changing business needs

Rayonsoft considers SOA to be a growth engine for the future. Rayonsoft help customers to leverage on what they own, not just keep on making new investments to solve their business issues. There are clear opportunities for the innovation of new services and to improve existing services. Rayonsoft uses web services and SOA to help customer move from their existing applications from the core of the enterprise to the edge to reap the business benefits such as:

  • Reduction of operating and maintenance costs
  • Better and Improved end to end operational visibility
  • Seamless interaction with business suppliers, partners and customers
  • New application development with services in mind

Rayonsoft’s edge in SOA
Rayonsoft has focused competency with strong and experience resources of SOA consultants, having extensive experience working with SOA specific expertise tools and frameworks. These consultants have Implemented Web Services using BEA WebLogic, WebSphere, SunOne, .NET, Oracle , Tomcat, TIBCO, WebMethods, SAP NetWeaver, Cordys, Vitria.

Rayonsoft also offers a broad spectrum of services around web services and SOA which includes:

  • Web services enabling & application development
  • Web services B2B solutions
  • Global data synchronization services
  • Web services BPM
  • Legacy modernization

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